Famous Couples of Arkansas

On this Valentine’s Day, we’re thinking about love in the Natural State, turning our focus to some Arkansas couples who have made an impact on the state, nation, and world. Click on the names in the title of each to read the full entry on the CALS Encyclopedia of Arkansas.

Dale Evans and Roy Rogers

Dale Evans, who was raised in Osceola (Mississippi County), and husband, Roy Rogers.

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton

Hillary and Bill Clinton; circa 1980.

Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash

Johnny Cash with his wife, June Carter Cash, and their son, John Carter Cash, riding in the Fordyce on the Cotton Belt Festival parade in a wagon driven by Joe Bill Meador, the festival’s organizer; 1982.

Elton and Betty White

Elton and Betty White, highly visible Little Rock street musicians and eccentrics, recognized for their sexually explicit ukulele songs.

Dale Bumpers and Betty Bumpers

Governor Dale Bumpers and his wife, Betty, look at cartoons by George Fisher at the Farkleberry Follies in Little Rock; circa 1971.

Lucious Christopher (L. C.) Bates and Daisy Bates

Daisy Bates and L. C. Bates at the National Black Convention on March 16, 1974.

Thaddeus Caraway and Hattie Caraway

Hattie Wyatt Caraway and Thaddeus Horatius Caraway; circa 1926.



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