aka: Act 237 of 2023

The LEARNS Act (Act 237 of 2023) was the signature piece of legislation promoted by Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders during the 2023 session of the Arkansas General Assembly, her first session as governor of the state.

After her election, Sanders indicated that her top priority would be a bill to change the public elementary and secondary education system in the state. On February 8, 2023, she held a press conference at the Arkansas State Capitol together with various Republican Party officials to announce some of the basics of her plan, which was still being drafted in secret. These included: a starting teacher pay set at $50,000, the creation of a voucher program (called “education freedom accounts”) that could be used to pay for tuition at a private school, twelve weeks of maternity leave for teachers, bonuses for select teachers, programs to increase literacy, the repeal of the Teacher Fair Dismissal Act, and the requirement that poorly performing public school districts partner with a charter school. Sanders described the plan as “the most far-reaching, bold, conservative education reform in America.”

While Republicans nearly unanimously lined up in support of the plan, Democrats in the legislature were unanimously opposed to it, noting that they had attempted to pass, earlier in the session, a straight teacher salary increase, with no support from Republicans. Specifically, the voucher program came under early scrutiny by educators and other groups, such as the Arkansas Public Policy Panel (APPP), Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, the Little Rock (Pulaski County) branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and the Little Rock Education Association (LREA). However, the Arkansas chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a conservative/libertarian think tank founded by the billionaire Koch brothers, came out in full support of the legislation, and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette published editorials praising it. Representative Jim Wooten of Beebe (White County), a rare Republican opponent of vouchers for private schools, filed two bills before the LEARNS Act was itself formally released, requiring that 1) private schools accepting state funding conduct student assessment tests, and 2) private schools provide transportation to students within a thirty-five-mile radius of their campus. Neither bill advanced out of committee.

The following week, many educators from around the state began showing up at the Arkansas State Capitol to voice their concerns regarding the proposed plan. Writing for the Arkansas Times, Baker Kurrus—who had overseen the Little Rock School District after it was taken over by the state during the administration of Governor Asa Hutchinson, and then was fired following his criticism of charter schools—noted that most of the voucher money would go to students already in private schools, which would drain resources from public schools: “There are well over 10,000 students in Central Arkansas in private schools. That’s some $64 million in new spending a year in Pulaski County alone.” The main problem in education disparity, he added, was economic segregation. Representative Bruce Cozart, who would eventually vote for the LEARNS Act, was reported as saying in a conversation with educators, “The rich want vouchers. That’s who this legislation is for. The rich. They want it and they are going to get it.”

Senator Breanne Davis of Russellville (Pope County) formally filed the LEARNS Act, SB294, late in the afternoon on Monday, February 20, 2023, with numerous Republican co-sponsors in the Senate and House. (The acronym LEARNS stands for Literacy, Empowerment, Accountability, Readiness, Networking, and Safety.) Despite the bill being 144 pages in length, Republicans planned a vote on it in the Senate Committee on Education on Wednesday, February 22, provoking a protest from Democrats, who insisted that time (more than one business day) was needed to read such a lengthy bill and prepare for any thoughtful discussion of it. Many educators wondered how the bill would fit with the Arkansas Constitution’s requirement that the state “maintain a general, suitable and efficient system of free public schools and…adopt all suitable means to secure to the people the advantages and opportunities of education,” especially in the light of Arkansas Supreme Court precedents such as Lake View v. Huckabee. (Interviewed by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Theresa Hall, superintendent of Catholic schools in Arkansas, objected to any attempt to amend the bill in such a way as to require that private schools accepting vouchers also accept all students who apply.) Despite acknowledgements that the bill would require amendments, SB294 passed quickly through committee on February 22 and proceeded to a full vote in the Senate the following day, where it passed 25–7, with only Republican Jimmy Hickey of Texarkana (Miller County) voting with all Democrats against the bill.

Approximately ninety members of the public showed up to testify before the House Education Committee on February 28, 2023. The committee passed the bill the following day, and on March 2, 2023, the full House voted 78–21 for the LEARNS Act. The yes votes were exclusively Republican. Three Republicans did vote against the bill—Hope Duke of Gravette (Benton County), Julie Mayberry of Hensley (Pulaski County), and Jim Wooten of Beebe —while another Republican, Ron McNair of Harrison (Boone County), voted present. Rep. Wooten, prior to the vote, claimed that certain House members had been threatened with the withholding of funding from their districts (or with primary elections) should they not vote for the bill.

On March 3, 2023, students at Little Rock Central High School, of which Gov. Sanders is an alumna, held a mass walk-out to protest the bill; the event attracted national attention. Before the walkout, a group of students had issued a letter protesting the bill and Sanders’s invocation of Central High to advance her agenda. More than 1,000 students participated, many of them decrying the bill’s ban on “critical race theory,” a previously obscure academic theory that had, since 2020, become a conservative bugbear across the nation, with many Republican governors attacking it as “indoctrination.” Bans on critical race theory had been employed, as in Florida, to limit classroom discussion on different aspects of African American history.

Sanders signed the bill into law on March 8, 2023, at a ceremony in the Arkansas State Capitol, where she was surrounded by students from Calvary Academy, a private school affiliated with First Pentecostal Church in North Little Rock (Pulaski County), founded with the mission of providing an “education founded upon the Bible.” Students from Central High School protested at the capitol after the signing ceremony.

After the law had been signed, concerns about its contents increased. For example, it was noted by many superintendents that the law, so far as the base pay of $50,000 was concerned, made no distinction for teachers working on extended contracts. Second, no funding was offered for raising the salaries of teachers funded by federal title funds, leaving school districts to make up the gap. Third, the law was criticized for providing no funding for additional teaching positions in growing school districts. Fourth, the lack of funding for merit-based raises (depending upon years of service, advanced degrees, etc.) was regarded as making $50,000 not only a minimum salary but also functionally a maximum salary. This concern was realized at Dermott (Chicot County), for one, where the school district posted a new salary schedule for the first year under the law that had a maximum salary of $51,975 for a teacher with a master’s degree and eighteen years experience, only $1,975 above the minimum. Finally, the text of the law states, “For the 2023–2024 school year, each teacher shall be paid a salary that is at least two thousand dollars ($2,000) greater than his or her current salary as of September 1, 2022.” This raised questions as to whether teachers in high-paying districts who move, during this time, to low-paying districts would continue to receive their higher salary, as well as whether the salary bump applies only to that specific school year.

On April 9, 2023, the Citizens for Arkansas Public Education and Students (CAPES) began the process of working to get on the next ballot a referendum that would repeal the LEARNS Act. Attorney General Tim Griffin rejected proposed ballot titles twice before, on June 5, 2023, approving the group’s ballot language for the referendum for the second time. (The Arkansas General Assembly had passed a bill during 2023 increasing the number of counties from which signatures would have to be collected from fifteen to fifty, which added an extra challenge to the efforts of CAPES.) During their signature-collection effort, members of CAPES reported that many teachers feared that signing the petition might result in their dismissal, given that the LEARNS Act repealed the Teacher Fair Dismissal Act, while others working for either the state or for companies with state contracts feared endangering their own jobs. On July 31, 2023, CAPES submitted its signatures to the Secretary of State‘s office. On August 4, 2023, Secretary of State John Thurston announced that CAPES had fallen short of the required signatures by fewer than 1,000.

The Arkansas Department of Education distributed a fifteen-page document dated May 3, 2023, to education leadership presenting a draft statement of assurance, intended to be signed each year by superintendents, stating that districts comply with orders set down in the LEARNS Act, such as the prohibition of so-called indoctrination and the teaching of critical race theory. In May 2023, state lawmakers approved the reallocation of $34.7 million in federal COVID-19 relief funds to support the hiring of literacy coaches and tutors pursuant to the LEARNS Act.

Phillips County residents and school advocates filed a suit on May 8, 2023, to challenge the LEARNS Act. They announced their intention to stop a charter school group from taking over the MarvellElaine School District, on the grounds that the LEARNS Act had not yet taken effect, so the state could not use the law to take over the district. The lawsuit centered around the constitutional requirement that votes on emergency clauses be taken separately from the bill itself, which did not occur, calling into question whether the act could yet be enforced. They also argued that the LEARNS Act should not go into effect while litigation moved forward. Later that month, the state Department of Education fired the majority of the school district staff, sending affected staff letters inviting them to apply for a position with the Friendship Education Foundation, the charter management group that had secured the contract with the state to oversee district operations. On May 26, 2023, Pulaski County Circuit Judge Herbert Wright issued a temporary restraining order, halting the implementation of the act until a later hearing could determine whether votes for the act were taken properly. The state sought an emergency stay of the temporary restraining order blocking the implementation of the LEARNS Act, but on June 2, 2023, the Supreme Court of Arkansas denied the request. Griffin filed a brief on June 6, 2023, claiming that the law was protected by the doctrine of sovereign immunity. On June 15, 2023, the Arkansas Supreme Court did vacate the temporary retraining order that had blocked the implementation of LEARNS but did not rule on the larger merits of the case. However, on June 30, 2023, Judge Wright ruled that the emergency clause of the LEARNS Act was not voted upon in accordance with the state constitution, thus blocking the state from immediately enforcing the act until August 1, 2023, the effective date for the law in the absence of an emergency clause. In response, the attorney general, Tim Griffin, again filed an appeal to the Arkansas Supreme Court while also insisting that the act could continue to be implemented, in apparent defiance of Wright’s ruling. Despite this proclamation, the state Board of Education, meeting on July 7, 2023, voted to take control of the Marvel-Elaine district, firing the superintendent and dissolving the school board, until August 1, when the LEARNS Act would be in effect, upon which date the district could be handed over to the control of the Friendship Education Foundation. On October 12, 2023, the Arkansas Supreme Court overturned Judge Wright’s ruling, concluding that legislators broke no law with regard to how votes were recorded on the emergency clause.

On July 17, 2023, state lawmakers endorsed emergency rules for the voucher program created by the LEARNS Act while the Arkansas Department of Education continues work on permanent rules for school vouchers. By late July 2023, more than eighty schools had applied to participate in the state voucher program, many of which had raised their tuition rates in anticipation.

Controversy about LEARNS reached the national level when, on August 11, 2023, the Arkansas Department of Education revoked state approval of an Advanced Placement (AP) course on African American studies, less than three full days before the start of the school year. On August 14, 2023, department officials issued a statement asserting that the course likely violated provisions in the LEARNS Act against “indoctrination” by teaching “prohibited topics,” adding that teachers who continued the course risked violating state law. All six schools scheduled to participate in the pilot program for this AP course opted to continue with it, in response to which Jacob Oliva, secretary of the Arkansas Department of Education, demanded that those schools submit course materials to the ADE that they might be examined for breaches of the law. Five of the Little Rock Nine publicly lambasted the state’s opposition to this AP course, describing it as a “shameful attempt to erase Black history and silence Black voices in a state that has a rich and complex legacy of racial struggle and triumph.” Following an August 23, 2023, meeting with state legislators, ADE officials insisted that they had no intention of taking away the AP course.

By September 20, 2023, there were a reported 4,795 students across the state using vouchers at private schools, at a projected cost of $32.5 million in public funding. The first report on the law’s voucher program revealed that ninety-five percent of the students enrolled did not attend public schools the previous school year, meaning that the overwhelming majority of students receiving vouchers were already enrolled in private schools. Moreover, those students were geographically concentrated in central and northwestern Arkansas. By early June 2024, 106 private schools had so far been approved to participate in the voucher program, and 6,171 students had been approved to receive vouchers for the upcoming year, while 4,956 who had used vouchers the previous school year indicated that they would be continuing to do so the following year.

On March 1, 2024, Attorney General Griffin approved the popular name and ballot title for the Educational Rights Amendment of 2024, a measure advanced by the organization For AR Kids, a coalition including the Arkansas Public Policy Panel, the Arkansas Conference of the NAACP, and the Arkansas Education Association, among other organizations. The proposed amendment would require that private schools accepting state vouchers meet the same academic standards that public schools are mandated to provide. (CAPES was a founding member of the coalition but left due to worries that the amendment would serve to codify the state’s voucher program.) In response, a number of people affiliated with Gov. Sanders formed groups named Stronger Arkansas and Arkansans for Students and Educators with the aim of defeating the ballot initiative.  Jim Walton, billionaire heir to the Walmart fortune, donated $500,000 to Arkansans for Students and Educators.

On March 25, 2024, a group including a Central High School educator and select students and their parents filed suit in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas, claiming that the LEARNS Act constituted a violation of the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, specifically the ban on alleged “indoctrination.” U.S. District Judge Lee Rudofsky was assigned the case. Rudofsky soon thereafter revealed that he intended to take advantage of the voucher program for his own family but would not be recusing himself from the case, but he later changed his mind about applying for a voucher for the time being. Other plaintiffs were later added to the case, including the state conference of the NAACP. Arguments in the case were heard on April 30, and on May 7, Judge Rudofsky granted a preliminary injunction to prevent the state from enforcing Section 16, the “indoctrination” section, of the act.

On June 7, 2024, a group of four women (two public school teachers, a college instructor, and an activist) filed a lawsuit challenging the school voucher program as unconstitutional, citing the fact that federal courts had, following the desegregation of Central High School and the later closure of Little Rock public schools (during what was termed the “Lost Year“), barred a scheme advanced by Governor Orval Faubus to fund private schools for students leaving public schools due to integration.

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