Hot Spring County Historical Society

Since the late 1960s, the Hot Spring County Historical Society has worked to preserve the county’s history and culture through writing, publishing, and teaching. It also publishes an annual journal and hosts activities. The organization incorporated in 1968 with seventy-six charter members and two corporate members. As of 2012, the organization has a membership roster of more than 400.

When the organization established its articles of incorporation in January 1968, it did not have a physical home. Its main office was listed in care of the first president, William C. Gilliam, at his office on West 2nd Street in Malvern (Hot Spring County). Since its inception, the organization has stored some items in a portable storage building and has held its monthly meetings at various locations throughout Hot Spring County. In 2011, the Hot Spring County Historical Society purchased office space at 118 West 2nd Street, giving the organization a physical location to match its initial contact address.

In addition to Gilliam as president, charter officers of the group were Nancy T. Rutherford, vice president; Bonnie Jean Stanley, recording secretary; Joan Vic, corresponding secretary; Callie Brewer, historian; Joe W. McCoy, treasurer; and Ella Mae Cullins, Eudora N. Fields, and Jack Warren Terry, directors. Stanley, who serves as corresponding secretary, is the only charter member who remains active in the organization as of 2012.

By mid-1970, the group had collected enough information to publish the first issue of its annual journal, The Heritage. A copy of the first publication was donated to the Hot Spring County Library by organization president Bruce Foreman on June 15, 1970. The organization welcomes submissions of photos and articles for publication in The Heritage.

The Hot Spring County Historical Society meets at 7:00 p.m. on the first Monday of each month. When a regular meeting falls on or near a holiday, the meeting is generally held on the second Monday. New members and visitors are welcome.

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Ronna Pennington
Arkadelphia, Arkansas


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