Arkansas Pioneers Association

The Arkansas Pioneers Association is an organization devoted to projects and events regarding the history of Arkansas up to 1850. Those who want to join must be citizens of the United States who can trace their ancestry in Arkansas from 1850 and before.

Harriet Woodruff Jabine, daughter of Arkansas Gazette founder William E. Woodruff, established the Arkansas Pioneers Association in September 1911. For a brief time in 1912, the association took residence in the west wing of what is now the Old State House. Jabine declared its mission to be “to honor and preserve the tradition of our Arkansas Pioneer ancestors and to quicken and preserve the spirit of Arkansas Patriotism.” It was formally organized on March 7, 1912. On December 6, 1913, the Arkansas Pioneers Association was incorporated in the state of Arkansas, and the incorporation papers were filed in the Office of the County Circuit Clerk of Pulaski County on this same date. The Pulaski County circuit clerk recorded the papers on January 24, 1914.

The stated goal of the Arkansas Pioneers Association is “to gather, preserve and print facts, events and traditions for a true history of Arkansas from its early settlement through the territorial period and the early years of statehood prior to 1850. Special attention shall be given to the lives of the men and women whose influence, work and persistent efforts resulted in the formation of Arkansas through Territory and Statehood up to 1850.”

As a part of its goals and mission, the Arkansas Pioneers Association remains involved with projects and meetings in the twenty-first century. It participates in local events, as well as assisting in the preservation of artifacts in the Pioneer Room in the Old State House. The organization also participates in the yearly Arkansas statehood celebration hosted by the Old State House Museum and in the annual Nog-Off hosted by Historic Arkansas Museum.

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Katelynn Caple
Henderson State University


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