Submit a Narrative

There is one purpose for Narratives in the CALS Encyclopedia of Arkansas. Narratives are personal stories that help enrich the reader’s understanding of a time period, person, place, or event. These are first-person views of history taken from personal recollections, memoirs, diaries, and oral histories.

  1. Length: Narratives are limited to 300 words.
  2. Permissions: Submission of a Narrative constitutes your granting permission for the CALS Encyclopedia of Arkansas to use the material on the CALS Encyclopedia of Arkansas website and in any other venue it chooses.
  3. Criteria: The inclusion of a Narrative in the CALS Encyclopedia of Arkansas is entirely at the discretion of the editors. To be selected for inclusion, a narrative needs to be a first person account or a story recounted from a diary, letter, memoir or oral history that directly relates to the subject of the entry and offer information the editors think add to the understanding and/or discussion of the topic.
  4. Liability: Authors of Narratives are responsible for the accuracy of the information. Narratives cannot contain libelous material (statements that are false and damaging to a person’s reputation) or contain copyrighted material. Narratives will be signed with your name and affiliation or town.
  5. Process: After your Narrative is submitted, it will be reviewed by our Staff Historian and, if selected for inclusion, lightly edited to adhere to the CALS Encyclopedia of Arkansas’s Style Guide and/or to the 300-word limit.

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