Morrison Family

The Morrison family of Campbell (Searcy County); 1910. Abbie Morrison and his twin brother, Absie, are in the middle holding twin fiddles. The other two fiddle players shown are Abbie and Absie’s father, Lewis Calvin Morrison, and the twin’s uncle, Dave Morrison. The reason for the photo was to honor bride Hettie Kuykendall and groom Grover Morrison, featured in the center of the picture. The photo is on the cover of a CD that includes two of the Morrison twins’ songs, recorded in Memphis, Tennessee, on June 3, 1930: “Dry and Dusty” and “Ozark Waltz.” The house belonged to Lewis Calvin Morrison and was located in Campbell near the old school house.

Group of white musicians with their instruments accompanied by white women and children inside fence with house behind them

Courtesy of the Morrison Family Photo Collection