Breeches Panic Propaganda Image

Propaganda image developed by opponents to women’s suffrage to fuel the “breeches panic” of the early 1910s. According to the story that circulated with the image, this depicts Wilhemina (Willy Ray) Goatley of St. Joe (Searcy County), who was arrested at her local polling place on September 11, 1914, while disguised as her husband, William (Willy Will) Goatley. She was charged with voter fraud; impersonating a man; smoking in public; cursing in public; driving a buggy while intoxicated; assaulting a police officer; having visible ankles; and creating a public nuisance. Seen here in partial disguise, Goatley stands for a mug shot at the Searcy County jail.

White woman with curly mustache and cigars in her shirt pocket with sheriff's office logo behind her

Courtesy of the Bhutan Ministry of Information and Cows