The Encyclopedia of Arkansas is a written and visual representation of important figures, pivotal moments, and valued artifacts of Arkansas history and heritage. The media editor of the Encyclopedia is currently searching for photographs, maps, illustrations, video clips, and audio recordings to accompany Encyclopedia text entries. If you would like to submit media material, please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Write, call, or email Michael Keckhaver first to verify that the media item you wish to submit can be included in the Encyclopedia. In some cases, we might already have enough media material for a given topic.

Phone: (501) 320-5756
Mail: Michael Keckhaver
Encyclopedia of Arkansas
Central Arkansas Library System
100 Rock Street
Little Rock, AR 72201

Step 2: Be sure that your media material is in the proper format.

Photographs – We can accept a variety of photographic formats including prints, original slides, and camera negatives. If your photographic submission has already been digitized, we ask that you submit .psd, .jpg or .tiff images, no smaller than 2,000 pixels on the largest side (approximately 300 D.P.I.).

Video – We accept VHS tape, 8mm cassette, digital video format, or .mpeg computer format. If you have a clip in a different video format than those listed above, contact us before sending it.

Audio – We accept cassette, CD, mp3, and a variety of other formats. Contact Michael Keckhaver if you have a format not listed.

Step 3: If your media item is a candidate for inclusion, we will ask you for some key pieces of information about the media item.

Source – Whenever possible, give us the name of the original source (e.g., history archive, photographer, personal collector, company that produced the material). It is important for us to know who to credit the media item to for copyright purposes.

Captions – It is helpful if you submit a caption that includes the names of people, locations, and events depicted in the media item, as well as the year of production.

Return Information – Let us know if you would like your media item returned to you and your address.

Step 4: If possible, deliver your media material to the Encyclopedia of Arkansas offices. If it is not possible for you to deliver it in person, you can mail it. If the item is part of a large collection that must not be loaned out, let us know. The media editor makes frequent trips around the state scanning photographic media. With your permission, he might be able to scan the item on site. If you do not wish to mail your photographic media or leave it with us, you may bring it to our offices in person and we will scan it while you wait. Please call Mike Keckhaver for an appointment.

Our media editor will take the utmost care in handling all materials loaned or donated to the Encyclopedia of Arkansas. The Encyclopedia will pay for the return of material mailed to our offices.

If you have any questions about Encyclopedia media, email Michael Keckhaver at or call him at (501) 320-5756