Entries needing authors as of November 9, 2023:

12-Hour Shift [Movie]
45 RPM [Movie]
501 Life [Magazine]
Adler, Margot
Advance Monticellonian
All for Her [Television Movie]
All the Birds Have Flown South [Movie]
Alliance Patriot (Mansfield) [Newspaper]
Andrews, Stanley
Antiquities [Movie]
Appeal [FBI: Most Wanted Episode]
Arkansas Agitator [Newspaper]
Arkansas Agriculturalist
Arkansas Banker [Magazine]
Arkansas Baptist News [Newspaper]
Arkansas Blade [Newspaper]
Arkansas Broadcasters Association
Arkansas City Journal
Arkansas Dentistry [Journal]
Arkansas Developer [Newspaper]
Arkansas Economist [Magazine]
Arkansas Educator [Journal]
Arkansas Evangel [Newspaper]
Arkansas Faith and Family [Magazine]
Arkansas Farmer
Arkansas Herald (Siloam Springs)
Arkansas Highways [Magazine]
Arkansas Intelligencer [Newspaper]
Arkansas Journal for Social Change and Public Service
Arkansas Ladies Journal
Arkansas Leader [Newspaper]
Arkansas Legionnaire [Newspaper]
Arkansas Life [Magazine]
Arkansas Living [Magazine]
Arkansas Methodist [Newspaper]
Arkansas Mining Journal
Arkansas Patriot [Newspaper]
Arkansas Poultry News [Newspaper]
Arkansas Poultry Times [Newspaper]
Arkansas Publisher [Magazine]
Arkansas Radio Network
Arkansas Republican (Pine Bluff) [Newspaper]
Arkansas Sentinel [Newspaper]
Arkansas Sketch Book
Arkansas Sun [Newspaper]
Arkansas Thomas Cat [Magazine]
Arkansas Times (Van Buren)
Arkansas Traveler (Cane Hill) [Newspaper]
Arkansas Traveler [Newspaper Column]
Arkansas Traveler [Newspaper Column]
Arkansas Traveler [University Newspaper]
Arkansas Union Farmer [Newspaper]
Arkansas United Methodist [Newspaper]
Arkansas Week [Television Show]
Arkansas Weekly (Batesville)
Arkansas Weekly Mansion [Newspaper]
Arkansas Wheel [Newspaper]
Arkansas White Ribboner [Newsletter]
Arkansas Wildlife [Magazine]
Arkansian (Fayetteville) [Newspaper]
Ashley County Ledger
Ashley News Observer
At Home in Arkansas [Magazine]
Atkins Chronicle
Atkins, Kirby
Atkinson, Ashlie
Augusta Chronicle
AY Magazine
Banner-News (Magnolia)
Baptist Vanguard [Newspaper]
Barnyard Frolics [Television Show]
Batesville Record
Beaker Street [Radio Program]
Beebe News
Benson, Deborah
Bentley, Wes
Benton County Daily Record
Betrayed by My Bridesmaid [Movie]
Black Oak Conspiracy [Movie]
Blagg, Brenda
Blytheville Courier News
Bones, Bobby
Boo, The [Movie]
Boone County Record
Booneville Democrat
Boswell, Merideth
Bowman, Gina
Boycott [Movie]
Branch, Eula May (a.k.a. Ouida Bergere Rathbone)
Brandon, Phyllis
Briggs, Joe Bob
Cabot Star-Herald
Camden News
Campbell, Bud
Cane Hill News
Carlson, Tucker
Carroll County Advocate
Carroll County Bowlder [Newspaper]
Carroll County News
Carter, Conlan
Carter, Leo Louis “Jocko”
Castleton, Barbara
Chandler, Janet
Chariot, The [Movie]
Charleston Express
Cheer Perfection [Television Show]
Chronicle-Enterprise (Fordyce)
Chung, Lee Isaac
Cincinnati Argus
City & Town [Magazine]
Clarksville Enterprise [Newspaper]
Clay County Courier
Clay County Times-Democrat
Clay, Dick
Cleburne County Sun-Times
Clifton, Barry
Close Calls [Movie]
Cobb, Joe
College and University Newspapers
Colony Herald [Newspaper]
Company Town [Movie]
Cotten, James
Cotter Courier
Courier (Russellville)
Courier News
Cox, Ouida
Crawford County Journal
Cunningham, Justin
Cypert, Jeff Davis Tahchee (a.k.a. Chief Tahachee)
Daily Arkansas Sentinel
Daily Horse Shoe (Hot Springs) [Newspaper]
Daily Independent (Helena)
Daily Register (Siloam Springs)
Davis, Daniel
Dayveon [Movie]
Dean, Jessica
Deane, Buddy
Decatur Herald
Democrat (Huntington) [Newspaper]
Democratic Union (El Dorado) [Newspaper]
Denson Tribune
Denton, Dean
Dermott Industrial Chronicle
DeWitt Era-Enterprise
Different Drummer [Newspaper]
Donley, John
Doohan, Hunter
Dryhurst, Michael
Duda, Kelly
Duke, Clark
Duke, Jesse Chisholm (J. C.)
Dygard, Thomas J.
Eagle Democrat (Warren)
El Dorado Bulletin
El Dorado News-Times
El Dorado Union [Newspaper]
El Latino [Newspaper]
Elkins Graphic [Newspaper]
Engel, K. August
Eulogizer [Newspaper]
Eureka Springs Republican [Newspaper]
Eureka Springs Times
Evans, Neil Womack
Evening Post (Little Rock)
Evening Times (West Memphis)
F.R.E.D.I. [Movie]
Factor 8 [Movie]
Family Thing, A [Movie]
Fatal Following [Television Movie]
Faulkner County Wheel [Newspaper]
Fayetteville Democrat [Newspaper]
Fayetteville Film Festival
Fayetteville Republic [Newspaper]
Fayetteville Republican [Newspaper]
Film Festivals
Finding Love in Mountain View [Movie]
Fisher, Mary Mae
Fleming, J. L.
Foley, Larry
Fordyce News-Advocate
Forrest City Free Press
Fort Smith Democrat [Newspaper]
Fort Smith Herald
Fort Smith International Film Festival
Fort Smith New Era
Fort Smith Southron [Newspaper]
Fort Smith Standard
Fort Smith Times Record
Foster, Kimberly
Francisco, Betty
Francisco, Evelyn
Frank & Jesse [Movie]
Free Enterpriser [Newspaper]
Freeman, Edmond Wroe, III
Gang War: Bangin’ in Little Rock [Documentary]
Ghosts of the Ozarks [Movie]
Gill, Gwenllian
Glenwood Herald
God’s Country Song [Movie]
Gordy, Graham
Goss, Coby
Grace of Jake, The [Movie]
Grand Prairie Herald (Hazen)
Gravette News Herald
Greater [Movie]
Greenway, Tom
Greenwood Democrat
Gurdon Times
Gusty [Cartoon]
Guy, Clarence Herman
Gwinn, Mary Ann
Gypsy Trail [Newspaper]
Hanna, Missouri T. B.
Harrison Daily Times
Hasley’s Swamp Democrat [Newspaper]
Helena Clarion
Helena World
Hellfire [Movie]
Herald and Democrat (Siloam Springs)
Herald, The [University Newspaper]
Herald-Journal (Clarksville)
Herald-Leader (Siloam Springs)
High School Newspapers
Hola! Arkansas [Newspaper]
Holmes, T. J.
Hooper, Regina
Hope Star
Hot Spring Life [Newspaper]
Hot Springs Clarion
Hot Springs Daily Graphic
Hot Springs Daily News
Hot Springs Daily Telegraph
Hot Springs New Era
Huntington Herald
Idle Class [Magazine]
Industrial Liberator [Newspaper]
Invisible Pilot, The [Documentary Series]
Inviting Arkansas [Magazine]
Jacksonville Patriot [Newspaper]
Jasper American [Newspaper]
Jennings, Brent
JM Associates
Johnson County Graphic
Jonesboro Daily Tribune
Justice, William (a.k.a. Richard Travis)
KARK-TV [Television Station]
KARZ-TV [Television Station]
KASN [Television Station]
Keaton, Camille
KFIN [Radio Station]
KFTA-TV [Television Station]
KHBS [Television Station]
KHTV [Television Station]
Kidnappers Foil, The [Movie]
KIYS [Radio Station]
KKAP [Television Station]
KLCN [Radio Station]
KLEK [Radio Station]
KLRT-TV [Television Station]
KMYA-DT [Television Station]
KNBY [Radio Station]
KNWA-TV [Television Station]
Korn, Iris Dobson
KRTV [Television Station]
KTHV [Television Station]
KTVE [Television Station]
KUAR / KLRE (a.k.a. Little Rock Public Radio) [Radio Stations]
KVTN-DT [Television Station]
KWOG [Television Station]
KWTD [Radio Station]
KXNW [Television Station]
Lafayette County Press
Last Ride, The [Movie]
Last Shot with Judge Gunn [Television Show]
Lawrence County Telephone [Newspaper]
Lawrence, Ophelia Elizabeth
Leisure Arts
Lemons, Jayme
Lepanto News Record
Leveritt, Alan
Leveritt, Mara
Lewisville Herald
Liberty Bell (Monte Ne) [Newspaper]
Lincoln American [Newspaper]
Lincoln Ledger
Lincoln Weekly Banner
Lison, LazRael
Little Rock Daily News
Little Rock Ladies’ Journal
Lonoke Democrat
Looking Glass [Magazine]
Lucas, Josh
Madison County Journal
Madison County Record
Madison Free Press
Many Voices [Newspaper]
Marion Headlight [Newspaper]
Marshall Mountain Wave
Maumelle Monitor
Max Winslow and the House of Secrets
Mayhan, Gabe
Maysville Tribune
McCollum, David
McConnell, Jerry
McGehee Times
McKinnis, Jerry
McLarty, Christina
Meth Storm [Movie]
Midsouth Political Science Review
Mindcage [Movie]
Modern News (Harrisburg)
Montgomery County News
Moore, Wadie, Jr.
Mountain Air (St. Paul) [Newspaper]
Mountain Echo [Newspaper]
Mountain Educator (Marshall) [Newspaper]
Mountaineer Echo [Newspaper]
Mr. Christmas [Television Movie]
Nashville News Leader
Natural State of America, The [Movie]
Nemec, Corin
Nethery, Miriam Byrd
New Bentonian
Newbern, George
Newport Independent
Newton Gleaner [Newspaper]
Newton Herald
Nicholson, Ann
Nightflying [Magazine]
Nolan, Candace Earley
North Arkansas (Batesville) [Newspaper]
North Arkansas Times [Newspaper]
Northwest Arkansas Business Journal
Northwest Arkansas Times
Novick, Pete (a.k.a. Fooman Zybar)
Oakley, Meredith
Old Guard Rest Home
Old Line Democrat [Newspaper]
Oliver, Dotty
Ollison, Rashod
Olsen, Chris H.
O’Neill, Craig
Osceola Press
Osceola Times
Otus the Head Cat
Ouachita Citizen [Newspaper]
Ouachita Herald
Our Sons [Movie]
Ozarks Pioneer (Maysville)
Papaw Land [Movie]
Paragould Daily Press
Paralyzed by Danger [Television Movie]
Paris Express
Paul’s Promise [Movie]
Pea Ridge Pod [Newspaper]
Pendergraft, Ross
People’s Advocate (Conway) [Newspaper]
Petit Jean County Headlight (Conway County)
Petit Jean County Headlight (Perry County)
Pettigrew Journal
Phillips County Progress
Phillips, Ron
Philpot, John
Pierce, Florene Lyons (Flo)
Pilgrimage [Movie]
Pine Bluff Commercial
Pitcock, Jim
Plumerville Enterprise
Pocahontas Star Herald
Polk, Oscar
Post-Dispatch (Dardanelle)
Potts, Monica
Powell, John-Michael
Prairie Grove Enterprise
Prairie Grove Weekly Leader
Prairie View Exchange [Newspaper]
Press Argus-Courier
Psycho from Texas (a.k.a. Wheeler) [Movie]
Pursuit [Movie]
Quapaw Times (Perryville)
Ragsdale, William
Register (Pitman’s Ferry) [Newspaper]
Revival, The [Play and Movie]
Riot Act, The [Movie]
Rogers Republican [Newspaper]
Rohwer Outpost
Running the Bases [Movie]
Rural War Room
Russell, Jay
Russom, Leon
Sams, B. J.
Sams, Billy Jack (B. J.)
Seamon, Helen
Searcy Eagle [Newspaper]
Serpent (Paris) [Newspaper]
Sheridan Headlight
Sherman, Ron
Sherwood Voice
Shiras, Tom
Shotgun Stories [Movie]
Sickle (Conway) [Newspaper]
Sister’s Grudge, A [Television Movie]
Smith, Paul
Smoke in the Wind [Movie]
Southern Standard (Arkadelphia) [Newspaper]
Southern Worker [Newspaper]
Southwest American [Newspaper]
Southwest Times Record
Sowards, Jack B.
Spectrum Weekly [Newspaper]
State Rights Democrat (Helena) [Newspaper]
Stephens Media
Stuttgart Daily Leader
Summer’s End [Movie]
Sun (Jonesboro)
Sun-Times (Heber Springs)
Sweet Inspirations [Movie]
Sync Weekly
Tackett, Sarah
Telephone-News (Mineral Springs) [Newspaper]
Temperance Voice [Newspaper]
Texarkana Gazette
The Sporting Club [Movie]
Then There Was Joe [Movie]
Thirty-Fifth Parallel [Newspaper]
Thomas, Stanley Powers Rowland
Times (Dardanelle) [Newspaper]
Times of North Little Rock
Times of Northeast Benton County
Tomlin, Truman Virgil “Pinky”
Tribune [Little Rock Newspaper]
Troutt, John Jr.
True Detective [Television Series]
Trumpet [Newspaper]
Tucker, Kathryn
Tucker, Ruth
Turner, Karri Kathleen
Two Lane Blacktop [Movie]
Tyson, Van Allen
Unconditional Union [Newspaper]
Valley Inn [Movie]
Villager Journal (Cherokee Village)
Wallace, Edward Tatum
Walls, Dean Langford
War Eagle Republican [Newspaper]
War Eagle, Arkansas [Movie]
Ware, Hames
Washington County Observer
Washington Press [Newspaper]
Washington Telegraph [Newspaper]
Wasson, Dave
Watson, Marian Etiole
Watson, Minor
Weekly Planter (Napoleon) [Newspaper]
Weir, Gary
West of Memphis [Movie]
Western Baptist [Newspaper]
Western Immigrant (Dardanelle) [Newspaper]
Western Independent [Newspaper]
What Happens Later [Movie]
Wheeler, John Foster
White Hall Journal
White River Current [Newspaper]
White River Journal
Whitecotton, Patsy
Wilson, Ed
Winslow American [Newspaper]
Wonder Valley [Movie]
Wooley, Harold
Wrestling with Death [Television Show]
Wynne Progress
Yell County Record
Zega, Haley (Search for)