Entries needing authors as of April 26, 2023:

A Few Seconds of Radiant Filmstrip [Book]
A Lack of Temperance [Novel]
A Thousand Distant Radios [Book]
Accidental Salvation of Gracie Lee, The [Book]
Acres of Sky [Book]
Aftermath of the Civil War in Arkansas, The [Book]
All the Young Men [Book]
Annunciation, The [Book]
Another Good Loving Blues [Book]
Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks, The [Book]
Arkansans of the Years [Books]
Arkansas [Book and Movie]
Arkansas [Harry S. Ashmore Book]
Arkansas [John Gould Fletcher Book]
Arkansas Almanac [Books]
Arkansas Mischief [Book]
As a Friend [Book]
Authors and Composers Society of Arkansas
Aux Arcs [Poetry Book]
Backroads and Bicarbonate [Book]
Baker, Karle Wilson
Barefoot Brigade, The [Book]
Barg, Barbara
Barington [Book]
Barnes, Jim
Barnum, Frances Courtenay Baylor
Barr, Mark
Bass Reeves Trilogy
Battle for the Buffalo River, The [Book]
Beggs, Marck L.
Bellegarde, Ida R.
Best Lawyer in a One Lawyer Town
Bigger Than Little Rock [Book]
Black Swan Series [Book Series]
Blind Judgment [Book]
Bluesman [Graphic Novel]
Boatman’s Daughter, The [Book]
Bolsterli, Margaret Jones
Boom Town: How Wal-Mart Transformed an All-American Town into an International Community [Book]
Booth, Justin
Boyd, Sue Abbott
Branch and the Scaffold, The [Book]
Brotherton, Velda
Brown, Ercil
Brown, Felda
Brown, Kent R.
Burn What Will Burn [Book]
Burns, Michael
Burns, Ralph
Butterfly Weed [Book]
Cabin on a Ridge [Book]
Calico Joe [Book]
Camp Nine [Book]
Cannon, Dolores
Carr, Pat
Cave Region Review [Journal]
Cherry Pit, The [Book]
Choiring of the Trees, The [Book]
Claire Malloy [Book Series]
Cockroaches of Stay More, The [Book]
Codrescu, Andrei
Collins, Nancy A.
Come Again [Graphic Novel]
Cranor, Eli
Damaged Heritage [Book]
Darkansas [Book]
Darr, Jack
Davidson, Andy
Demon in Disguise, The [Book]
Dent, James
Devil Take a Whittler [Book and Play]
Die Regulatoren in Arkansas [Book]
Don’t Know Tough [Book]
Early Days in Arkansas [Book]
Earth Is Enough, The [Book]
Ekaterina [Book]
Elkhorn Tavern [Book]
Enduring [Book]
Et Alia Press
Eventide [Book]
Expert Testimony
Farris, Jack
Farther Along [Book]
Fawkes, Jen
Fire from the Rock [Book]
Folklore of Romantic Arkansas [Books]
Ford, Bob
Ford, Kelly J.
Freshour Cylinders, The [Book]
From Slavery to Wealth [Book]
Fuller, Kathleen
Gideon Page Series [Book Series]
Gods of Green County, The [Book]
Grave Opening, A [Book]
Gray, Ayana
Gray, May Harris
Grossman, Dave
Half-Gods [Book]
Harris, Jeane
Haseloff, Cynthia
Hatfield, James M.
Hawkins, Thomas Donald (Tom)
Hemingway, Collins
Hinkson, Jake
History of the Arkansas Press for a Hundred Years and More [Book]
Hobson, Geary
Hogue, Charles Wayman
Hot Springs [Novel]
Houseboat Girl [Book]
Human Hearts [Play and Movie]
If These Walls Had Ears [Book]
Illegal Motion [Book]
Incredible True Story of the Making of the Eve of Destruction, The [Book]
It Has Happened Here [Book]
Jackson, Margaret
Jacobs, Margaret Moore
Jaeger, Tyrone
Jauss, David
Jennings, Jay
Johnswood [Book]
Jones, Patricia Spear
Jordan’s Stormy Banks [Book]
Journal of a Tour into the Interior of Missouri and Arkansaw [Book]
Journal of Travels into the Arkansas Territory during the Year 1819, A
Kahf, Mohja
Kernodle, George R.
Knaak, Richard A.
Leading with My Heart [Book]
Let Us Build a City [Book]
Liberating Paris [Book]
Life after Death [Book]
Life and Adventures of an Arkansaw Doctor, The
Life in the Leatherwoods [Book]
Lightning Bug [Book]
Lindsey, William D.
Little Adventures in Newspaperdom [Book]
Livingston, Myrtle Smith
Long Shadow of Little Rock, The [Book]
Longhorn, Sandy
Looking for Hogeye [Book]
Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas [Book]
Love on the Line [Book]
Makers of Arkansas History [Book]
Malley, Lawrence J. (Larry)
Man Who Lied on Arkansas and What Got Him, The [Book]
Maple Falls Romance [Book Series]
March Forward Girl [Book]
Marrying Stone [Book]
McCombs, Davis
Mehta, Ved
Merritt, Constance
Messenger, Lillian Rozell
Mighty Long Way, A [Book]
Millwood Hollow Series [Book Series]
Miss Pearly’s Girls [Book]
Moaner’s Bench, The [Book]
Moore, Robert (a.k.a. Red Hawk)
Morgan, James
Mourner’s Bench [Book]
Mr. Catherine [Book]
Murder in Little Rock [Book]
Murder of Hound Dog Bates, The [Book]
Music by Lamplight [Book]
Negro Slavery in Arkansas [Book]
Of What Was, Nothing Is Left
On Tall Pine Lake [Book]
One Small Drum [Book]
One Summer in Arkansas [Book]
Ozark Mountain Publishing
Ozarks Murder [Book Series]
Pai, Shin Yu
Palmer, Gladys Marguerite
Patterson, Elizabeth Gregg
Patterson, Ruth Polk
Pattison, Darcy
Pictorial History of Arkansas, A
Pitcher Shower, The [Book]
Planting Dandelions [Book]
Poison Spring [Novel]
Probable Cause [Book]
Quicksand Years, The [Novel]
Racial Possibilities as Indicated by the Negroes of Arkansas [Book]
Randolf Honor [Book]
Rateliff, John D.
Ray, Rachel Beasley (a.k.a. Mattie M’Intosh)
Reading with Patrick [Book]
Real Bad Things [Book]
Red Kimono, The [Book]
Reising, Robert
Religious Conviction [Book]
Rhodes, Suzanne Lee Underwood
Richards, Penny
Robertson, Mary Elsie
Rose Gardner Investigations [Book Series]
Rushing, Marie Morris
Rushing, Parker David
Sallis, James
Salted with Fire [Book]
Sandy and Wayne [Book]
Saxon, Kurt
Shadow and Light [Book]
Sharecropper, The [Book]
Short, Robert
Sibling Rivalry Press
Silver Six Crafting [Book Series]
Snelling, Lois
Some Other Place. The Right Place. [Book]
Soul Serenade [Book]
Spitzer, Mark
Stay More Series [Book Series]
Sterling, Marcia Kemp
Straw in the Sun [Book]
Sycamore [Book]
The Girl [Book]
The Homecoming of Samuel Lake [Book]
They Called Us Enemy [Book]
Thirteen Albatrosses [Book]
To Take a Dare [Book]
Toad Suck Review
Turn Away Thy Son [Book]
Twiggs, James
Two Dead [Graphic Novel]
University of Central Arkansas Press
Unwilling Journey, The [Book]
Vannatta, Dennis
Viswanathan, Padma
Wagner, Constance
Wang, Michael X.
Water from the Well [Book]
We Live by the River [Book]
Weedy Rough [Book]
What a Preacher Saw through a Keyhole in Arkansas [Book]
When Angels Rest [Book]
Where Things Come Back [Book]
Whisenant, Edgar C.
White Is a State of Mind [Book]
White River Raft, The [Novel]
White, Melvin Virgil, Jr.
Willeford, Charles Ray III
Williams, John Edward
Windchill Summer [Book]
With [Book]
Wolf Springs Chronicles [Book Series]
Wowzer, The [Book]
Yesterday Today [Book]