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Kansas (Clark County)

Kansas is a community located in southeastern Clark County. It is located about twelve miles southeast of Gurdon (Clark County) and ten miles east of Whelen Springs (Clark County). The earliest settler in the area was Meriwether Lewis Randolph, who obtained thousands of acres of land in 1836 and 1837. He died in 1837 and is buried near the community. William Brown obtained a total of 160 acres in the area in 1860. He lived in the area with his wife, Rebecca, four children, and nine slaves. Other families moved into the area over the next several decades, but the community was never very large. The community was served by the Bee Post Office, which opened in 1902 and consolidated …

Keyton (Clark County)

Keyton is an unincorporated community in Clark County, located about four miles northwest of Gurdon (Clark County). The community is about one mile west of Center Point (Clark County) and is directly east of Interstate 30. The first major landowner in the area was Randolph Lewis. He obtained 640 acres on December 1, 1838, including the entire section where Keyton is located. Other landowners gradually moved to the area, but development was slow to reach the future location of Keyton. This changed in the 1880s when the land was purchased by Robert Benjamin Franklin (R. B. F.) Key, from whom the community derived its name. Key was born in Georgia in 1848 and moved to Arkansas with his family about …