Skirmish at Caddo Mill

Location: Montgomery County
Campaign: None
Date: December 14, 1863
Principal Commanders: Lieutenant P. Cosgrove, Lieutenant B. B. Mitchell (US); a man named Captain Daniels (CS)
Forces Engaged: Two detachments of the Second Kansas Cavalry (US); unknown Confederate force (CS)
Estimated Casualties: None (US); 2 killed, 1 wounded, 1 prisoner (CS)
Result: Union victory

On December 14, 1863, a detachment that consisted of two companies from the Second Kansas Cavalry headquartered at Waldron (Scott County) surprised and overwhelmed a fifteen-man camp of Confederate forces near Caddo Mill (Montgomery County).

On December 13, 1863, Lieutenant Colonel Owen A. Bassett sent a detachment of forty men, led by Lieutenants P. Cosgrove and B. B. Mitchell from the Second Kansas Cavalry headquarters located at Waldron, toward Caddo Gap (Montgomery County). In an attempt to maneuver away from a detachment of General Joseph Shelby’s Confederate cavalry, the two lieutenants continued to Farrar’s Mill. At Farrar’s Mill, they received a report that fifteen Confederate soldiers were encamped a short distance ahead near Caddo Mill. The Union detachment completed the seven miles to the Confederate camp with intentions of engaging.

The Union forces found the camp in a wooded area one-half mile from Caddo Mill. The Union forces attacked and overwhelmed the camp. The casualties were reported to be all Confederates and consisted of two killed, at least one wounded, and one prisoner; in addition, the Union forces captured eight African Americans, three wagons, six mules, six horses, and a number of “worthless arms.” One of the casualties reported killed was a Captain Daniels. The rest of the Confederate force escaped into the woods surrounding their encampment. One wagon was kept by the Union force, with the remainder of the captured equipment burned. Following the attack, the Federals returned to Farrar’s Mill to bivouac. The following morning, the detachment returned to Waldron.

For additional information:
The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Series I, Vol. 22, pp. 778. Washington DC: Government Printing Office, 1888.

Jacob Worthan
Henderson State University


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