Prairie Grove Historical Society

The Prairie Grove Historical Society (PGHS) was founded in early 2019 by Molly Hutchins, Rick Ault, and James T. Brown with the purpose of bringing together those interested in the history of Prairie Grove (Washington County) and surrounding areas. The society continued to grow steadily and had a board of seven members by 2022. The society has many members from the Prairie Grove area and many from around the state and nation.

The society’s major objectives are to discover and illustrate the history of the area and its people and to collect materials, manuscripts, artifacts, and museum items pertinent to the history of the area and see to the conservation, preservation, and protection of those items. PGHS opened the Prairie Grove Heritage Museum on April 17, 2021. PGHS also seeks to share historical information and spark interest in the past by publishing historical information on social media; by holding meetings, lectures, discussions, and other events; and by marking historic buildings, sites, and trails.

Prairie Grove is home to one of the most intact Civil War battlefields in America. While the Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park tells the story of the Battle of Prairie Grove, PGHS seeks to tell the story of the heritage and citizens of Prairie Grove.

For additional information:
Prairie Grove Historical Society. (accessed August 11, 2022).

Molly Hutchins
Prairie Grove Historical Society


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