Pope County Historical Association

The Pope County Historical Association was established on October 10, 1948, as the Arkansas Valley Historical Society. The society has remained in almost continuous operation since its founding and publishes the Pope County Historical Association Quarterly.

James S. Long was elected as the Arkansas Valley Historical Society’s first president. For approximately two years, the society held regular meetings, but interest had dropped by the fall of 1950, and meetings were suspended from August 1950 through April 1952. There was a reemergence of the society in 1952. In April 1954, it began the publication of the Arkansas Valley Historical Papers, a quarterly magazine highlighting local history and genealogical articles. In December 1966, the society changed its name to the Pope County Historical Association, and its publication became the Pope County Historical Association Quarterly. The quarterly, a major part of the society’s historical contribution, it is still in publication today.

Over the years, the society’s goals of preserving and promoting local history, especially with younger people, have been accomplished by promoting such activities as school essay contests and the publication of the quarterly. The society has also helped promote county historical activities such as events at Potts Inn in Pottsville (Pope County) and the centennial celebration in Russellville (Pope County). Several historical markers, such as those at the County Records Cave north of Dover (Pope County) and the Telegraph Tree at Pottsville, have been placed by the society.

Association meetings are held the second Friday of each month, except in December and January. Membership is open to all interested.

For additional information:
“History of the Arkansas Valley Historical Association and the Pope County Historical Association.” Pope County Historical Association Quarterly 12 (March 1978): 108–113.

Mike Polston
CALS Encyclopedia of Arkansas


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