Poesia was a literary quarterly of poetry, commentary, and poetry reviews with an emphasis on previously unpublished poets—principally from northwest Arkansas, though submissions were accepted statewide and nationally as well. The commentary frequently focused on current issues concerning literary arts in Arkansas and the nation, such as the developing commercial trends in publishing and the politics of poetry and art. The journal also featured foreign poets, with their poetry published in English as well in the poet’s native language. Poets from Russia, Romania, Brazil, Italy, Canada, Slovenia, Jordan, and Israel were published in Poesia.

Poesia was established in 2003 by Delta House Publishing Company, Indian Bay Press of Fayetteville (Washington County), founded by William R. Mayo, its publisher and editor. The publication was distributed through local distributors as well as bookstore chains such as Barnes & Noble and Hastings. Its format was a simple and straight-forward text without illustration. However, each issue’s cover depicted lesser-known works of art from famous artists. With a circulation of 2,000, Poesia had an international subscriber presence.

The publisher, through Poesia, sponsored the annual Oliver W. Browning Poetry Competition, which first began in 2003, offering cash prizes for first and second place and the publication of the winning entry in the journal and its website. Poets who have appeared in Poesia have had their works published in such publications as The New Yorker, The Partisan Review, Poetry, Möbius, Pegasus Review, Margie, and other national publications. The last issue of Poesia was published in April 2010.

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 William R. Mayo
Delta House Publishing Company/Indian Bay Press


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