Nat Mullens (Lynching of)

On June 23, 1900, an African American named Nat Mullens was shot and killed by a posse in Crittenden County after he allegedly killed Deputy Sheriff P. A. Mahon.

Statewide newspapers reported that on June 13, Mahon went to arrest Mullens near Earle (Crittenden County) for attempting to murder his own mother. Mullens shot at him, and before dying, Mahon returned fire. Mullens escaped, but a posse was assembled and trailed him through the river bottoms.

By June 22, the posse had discovered Mullens hiding in a plantation house not far from Earle. He again attempted to escape but was shot and killed by members of the posse.

For additional information:
“All Over the State: An Officer Wounded.” Arkansas Democrat, June 15, 1900, p. 6.

“Shot While Resisting Arrest.” Forrest City Times, June 22, 1900, p. 1.

Nancy Snell Griffith
Davidson, North Carolina


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