Arkansas Entomological Society

The Arkansas Entomological Society (AES) was founded in May 1991 by entomology educators, researchers, and industry professionals under the guidance of Dr. William Yearian, former chair of the Entomology Department at the University of Arkansas (UA) in Fayetteville (Washington County). The first president of the society, Dr. Timothy Kring, drafted the society’s constitution with the purpose of fostering entomological accomplishment among its members as well as bringing about closer coordination and understanding among research, regulatory, educational, and commercial entomologists. Entomology is the study of insects and related organisms.

Meetings of the society have been held annually since its founding, with locations and dates varying, but most often held on the first Friday and Saturday in October. Every other year, the meeting has traditionally been held in conjunction with the semi-annual UA Entomology Department Insect Festival, which promotes entomological understanding and appreciation for approximately 5,000 schoolchildren each time it is held. When not in Fayetteville, the meetings have taken place in many locations throughout the state and occasionally are held in conjunction with other groups such as the Kansas Entomological Society.

Members in good standing are eligible to become elected officers and are required to pay dues. The funds are used to host the annual two-day meetings at which attendees share research, posters, presentations, collections, photographs, artworks, ideas, specimens, and creations. Although members are mostly professionals, hobbyist-level entomologists are encouraged to attend as well. For students wishing to hone their presenting skills, there are prizes awarded for top research presentations.

For additional information:
Entomology Department, University of Arkansas. (accessed September 13, 2021).

Austin K. Jones
NorthWest Arkansas Community College


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