Entries needing authors as of July 25, 2019:

Abington, E. H.
Allen, Robert T. “Tommy”
American Cancer Society, Arkansas Chapters
American Heart Association, Arkansas Chapters
Arkansas Academy of Mechanical Engineering
Arkansas Champion Tree Program
Arkansas Heart Hospital
Arkansas Herpetological Society
Arkansas Hospice
Arkansas Nurses Association
Arkansas Occupational Therapy Association
Arkansas Optometric Association
Arkansas Pharmacists Association
Arkansas Psychiatric Society
Arkansas Psychological Association
Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency (ARORA)
Arkansas State Dental Association
Arkansas State Medical Board
Arkansas Trauma System
Arkansas Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (AVDL)
Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association
Arkansas Works
Ashley County Medical Center
Atoka Formation
Bailey, Dona
Baxter Regional Medical Center
Berry, Homer
Black Fraternal Hospital
Bloyd Formation
Boggy Formation
Boll Weevils
Booneville Plant Materials Center (ARPMC)
Bourland, A. M.
Bradley County Medical Center
Branner, George
Breckinridge, Mary Carson
Breymyer, Annie Mary
Cantrell, William A.
Carroll Regional Medical Center
Causey, Nell Bevel
Central Arkansas Astronomical Society
Chambers Memorial Hospital
Chicot Memorial Medical Center (aka Chicot Memorial Hospital)
Chronic Wasting Disease
Cicada 3301
Conway Regional Health System
Crittenden Regional Hospital
CrossRidge Community Hospital
Crowley’s Ridge Rock
Dallas County Medical Center
David O. Dodd Rose
De Queen Medical Center
Deaderick, William H.
Delta Memorial Hospital
DeWitt Hospital & Nursing Home
Drake, Noah
Drew Memorial Hospital
Drug Abuse
Easter Freeze of 2007
Edgar, Graham
Electrical Power Grids
Emerald Ash Borer
Eureka Springs Hospital
Five Rivers Medical Center
Forrest City Medical Center
Foster, Henry, Jr.
Foushee Cave Snail
Freeman, Thomas J.
Fulton County Hospital
Gaines House
Gaines, Helen Fouche
Garner, William “Carl”
Gray, Charles
Great River Medical Center
Greenwood Tornado of 1968
Gregg, Josiah
Griffin, Sue
Hartshorne Formation
Helena Regional Medical Center
Henry, Pauline
Howard Memorial Hospital
Hudson, William A.
Hydraulic Fracturing (a.k.a. Fracking)
Izard County Medical Center
Jackfork Sandstone
Jefferson Regional Medical Center
Johns Valley Formation
Johnson Regional Medical Center
Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society
Kellogg, Glen T.
Kelly, Virginia
Krisht, Ali
Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Little River Medical Center Inc. (aka Little River Memorial Hospital)
Little Rock Wastewater Utility
Love, Sandy H.
Magnolia Regional Medical Center (aka Magnolia Hospital)
Malak, Fahmy
Mauer, Robert M.
Maynard, Charles D.
McAlester Formation
McGehee Hospital
McLaughlin, Margaret
Medical Center of South Arkansas
Medical Marijuana
Medical Park Hospitalá(aka Wadley Regional Medical Center)
Meek, Seth Eugene
Mena Regional Health System (a.k.a. Mena Medical Center)
Mercy Health System of Northwest Arkansas (aka Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas)
Miller, Robert Dan
Mondy, Nell I.
Moon Rocks
Moorehead, W. F.
Morris, Justin
Mount Magazine Shagreen
National Association of Social Workers, Arkansas Chapter
National Park Medical Center
NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital
North Arkansas Regional Medical Center
North Metro Medical Center
Northwest Health
Nursing Homes
Opiod Abuse
Ouachita County Medical Center
Ouachita Darter
Ouachita Dusky Salamander
Ozarcus (a.k.a. Ozarcus mapesae)
Ozark big-eared bat (Corynorhinus townsendi ingens)
Ozark Health Medical Center
Ozarks Community Hospital
Paris, A. J.
Pharmaceutical Association of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee
Piggott Community Hospital
Pike County Memorial Hospital
Redspotted Stream Crayfish
Reed, Charles C.
River Valley Medical Center
Riverview Behavioral Health
Rowe, Phillip
Rural Broadband
Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center
Savanna Sandstone
Seibert, Joanna
Sexually Transmitted Infections
Shock, John P.
Siloam Daylilies
Siloam Springs Regional Hospital
SMC Regional Medical Center
Smith, Morgan
Sneed Tornado of 1929
St. Mary’s Hospital (Dermott)
Stallings, John R., Jr.
Stanley Shale
State Medical Examiner, Office of
Steinkamp, Ila
Stone County Medical Center
Summit Medical Center
Surgeon General, Office of the
Susan G. Komen Arkansas
Tatum, Billy Joe
Thibault, Henry
Thibault, James Keatts, Jr.
Thompson, Minnie Ammons
Tornado Outbreak of 1916
Tornado Outbreak of 1982
Tornado Outbreak of February 5, 2008
Tornado Outbreak of January 21û22, 1999
Tornado Outbreak of March 15, 1984
Tornado Outbreak of May 15, 1968
Tornado Outbreak of May 26, 1973
Tornado Sirens
Trader, Ella King Newsom
Trudy [Gorilla]
Unity Health Harris Medical Center
Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks
Vincent, Jesse
W. G. Huxtable Pumping Plant
Washington Regional Medical System (aka Washington Regional Medical Center)
Water Fluoridation
Water Towers
Wegner, Oliver
Weigel, Edward M.
West Nile Virus
Westphal, James A.
White County Medical Center
White River Health System (aka White River Medical Center)
Whooping Cough (a.k.a. Pertussis)
Williams, C. D.