Entries needing authors as of January 21, 2022:

Acansa Arts Festival
Adams, Dwight
Adams, Howard O’Neal
Akers, Fred
Albert Pike Recreational Area
Alexander City Park
Allsopp Park
Alotian Club
Altus Grape Festival
American Revolution Bicentennial Celebration
Amusement Parks
Anderson, Richard E.
Annual Bean Fest and Great Arkansas Championship Outhouse Races
Antebellum Spring Resorts
Anthony, John Ed
Arkansas Activities Association
Arkansas Championship Grape Stomp and Cowie Wine Fest
Arkansas Chapter of the Road Runners Club of America
Arkansas Colored Athletic Association
Arkansas Cornbread Festival
Arkansas County Fair
Arkansas Cowboys Association
Arkansas Delta Byways Tourism Association
Arkansas Federation of Garden Clubs
Arkansas Flower and Garden Show
Arkansas GlacierCats
Arkansas Golf Hall of Fame
Arkansas High Country Route
Arkansas Hot Air Balloon State Championship
Arkansas Impact [Basketball Team]
Arkansas Junior Chamber (a.k.a. Jaycees)
Arkansas Master Gardener Program
Arkansas Outdoor Hall of Fame
Arkansas Rimrockers
Arkansas River Trail
Arkansas Riverblades
Arkansas Rodeo Association
Arkansas Scufflers
Arkansas Society, Children of the American Revolution
Arkansas Society, Sons of the American Revolution
Arkansas State Championship Horse Show
Arkansas State Golf Association
Arkansas Track and Field Hall of Fame
Arkansas Traveller Folk Theatre
Arkansas Twisters [Football Team]
Arkansas Women’s Golf Association
Arkansas-Oklahoma State Fair
Arkla Village
Atwater, Steve
Auto Racing
Baby Face [Rodeo Bull]
Baldwin, Alton
Barfly [Rodeo Bull]
Barham, Leota
Barnett, Fred
Barton Coliseum
Barton Park (Little Rock)
Bates, Dorothy (a.k.a. Lee Keith)
Batesville Motor Speedway
Baxter County Fair
Benny Craig Park
Benton County Fair
Benton, Jim
Bercher, Martine
Berry, Charles
Bezdek, Hugo
Big Lake [Hunting Club]
Big Shootout of 1969
Bikes, Blues & BBQ
Birchwood Park
Blann, Lorietta
Bond, Blackie
Booger Hollow [Tourist Attraction]
Books in Bloom Literary Festival
Boone County Fair
Boy Rangers
Brazil, Bobo (a.k.a. Houston Harris)
Breckenridge, Rayo
Brewer, Ronald Charles (Ron)
Brock, Billy
Brodie Creek Park
Brown, Marcus
Brown, Ray
Browning, Kayle
Buffalo River Trail
Buie, Boid
Bumpas, Dick
Burnett, Bobby
Burns Park
Butler Park (Little Rock)
Caddo Area Council of the Boy Scouts
Cage, Michael
Camp Couchdale
Campbell Lake Park
Candlewood Park
Cane Hill Fall Harvest Festival
Canoeing and Kayaking
Carey, Selph
Carroll County Fair
Catalina, Nelson
Caveness, Ronald Glen (Ronnie)
Cella, Charles
Centennial Park (Little Rock)
Cheatham Park
Cherry, Raphel Jerome
Clark County Fair
Clark, Archie L.
Clifton, Nathaniel “Sweetwater”
Coleman, Monte
Conley, Michael Alex (Mike), Jr.
Conner Park (Little Rock)
Connor-Hamby, Kim
Cook’s Landing Park
Cooper, Raymond
Copper Bowl [Football Game]
Cotton Club
Country Club of Little Rock
County Fairs
Cox, Steve
Craighead Forest Park
Crawdad Days Festival
Crawford County Fair
Crawford, Joan
Crestview Park
Crump Park
Crystal River Cave
Curran Conway Park
Cypert, Boyd
D105 [Rodeo Bull]
Dalrymple, Jerry
Darter, Dawn
Day, Glen Edward
Day, Todd Fitzgerald
Derrick, Kimberly
Diamond Chef Arkansas
Dickey, George “Skeeter”
Dicus, Chuck
Ding Dong Daddy Days Festival
Dinosaur World
Dottley, John “Kayo”
Downing, Margaret
Duke, Ken
Dunaway, Hollie “Hot Stuff”
Dunaway, Mike
Dupree Park
Dyer, Don
Eagles Et Cetera Weekend Festival
Eakin, Kay
El Dorado Film Festival
Elders, Oliver
Emerald Park
Emmons, Carlos
Eureka Springs Festival of the Arts
Faulkner County Fair
Fayetteville County Club
Fayetteville Goddess Festival
Ferguson, Stewart
Fires, Earlie
First Chance [Rodeo Horse]
Fiscus, Bettye
Fletcher Park (Little Rock)
Flowers, Charlie
Flynn, Denny
Foley, Joe
Forest Park [Little Rock]
Four States Fair and Rodeo
Fourche Bottoms (Little Rock)
Frazier, Willie
Fred Berry Conservation Education Center on Crooked Creek
Freeman, Jay
Freeman, Thomas Jewel (Tommy)
Frisco Festival
Gardner, Floyd
Garroutte, Francis
George D. Hay Music Hall of Fame and Theater
Gillis, Bobby
Glasbrenner, Jeff James
Glutton Dibbler
Granite Heights Park
Grant, Dub
Gravette, Broadus
Greer, Lurlyne
Grim, Fred
Grove, Ivan
Gulley, Tom
Hall, Jerry
Hamilton, Ray
Hanger Hill Park
Hanner, Dave
Hanson, Jerry Bob
Hargis, John
Harper, George
Harris, Jackie
Harris, Labron
Harris, Leotis
Harris, Leroy
Harris, Michael
Harris, Shawn
Harrison, Ernest Joseph (E. J.) “Dutch”
Hart, Clyde
HarvestFest in Hillcrest
Hatfield, Ken
Heard, Ronald (a.k.a. “The Outlaw” Ron Bass)
Heddan, Vannas
Henry Awards
Hickey, Howard “Red”
Highway 64 Speedway
Hilarious Jesters [Basketball Team]
Hindman Park
Hines, Glen Ray
Hoffman, John
Hogeye Marathon
Hollimon, Joe
Horse Racing
Horton, Clyde
Houston, Marilyn McRae “Sonny”
Hurley, Bobby
Hutchcraft, John
Improved Order of Red Men
Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Ingram, Sonny
Isaksen, Margaux
Jennings, Morley
Joe, Marengo
Johnson County Fair
Johnson, Byron Waldo Emerson
Jones Center (Springdale)
Jones, Caldwell
Jones, Ken
Jones, Nathan “Tricky,” Sr.
Jones, Pat
Jones, Paula Juels
Jones, Rufus Parnell (Parnelli)
Jonesboro County Club
Kavanaugh, Ken
Kelone, Theresa
King Cotton Classic
Kinney, Ragon
Kleine, Joe
Knights and Daughters of Tabor
Knights of Pythias
Knoop Park
Kocinski, John
Lake Wilson Park
Lang, Andrew
Lindsey, Jim
Little Italy Italian Festival
Little Red Wagon
Little Rock Boathouse
Little Rock Maifest
Little Rock Racquet Club
Little Rock Rangers
Little Rock Turnverein
Little, Steven Richard
Logan County Fair
Longley, Wayman “Red”
Lukas, Wayne
Madison County Fair
Magic Springs
Magna Carta Dames and Barons
Major, Chick
Mallett, Martell
Malzahn, Gus
Mardi Gras
Mathis, Verdell
Mayo, Bill
McClellan, Frank
McClendon, Charles
McDonald, Rob
McFadden, Darren
McGaha, Melvin
McMahan, Jack Wally
Mead, Peter
Meriwhether, Bill
Merritt Park
Miles, Eddie
Miller, Cleo
Miss Arkansas High School Pageant
Miss Arkansas USA
Miss Gay Arkansas America Pageant
Mississippi River State Park
Mitchell, David
Miyamoto, Ariana
Moffatt, Carolyn
Monument Trails
Morehart Park
Morgan, Gilbert
Morrison, Tommy
Moses, Max
Mount Nebo Chicken Fry
Mountainburg Dinosaur Park
Mt. Magazine International Butterfly Festival
Muckenstrum, Jerry
Murray Park
Murray, Bobby
Natural State Stage Race of 1991
Negro League Baseball Players
Nelson, Terry
Newton County Fair
Nixon, Larry
Northeast Arkansas District Fair
Northeast Arkansas Invitational High School Basketball Tournament
Northwest Arkansas District Fair
Northwest Arkansas Razorback Regional Greenway
Nutt, Houston, Sr.
Olympic Torch Relay of 1996
O’Neal, Leslie
Order of the Eastern Star
Otter Creek Park
Our Lady of the Lake Spaghetti Dinner
Outlaw, Chase
Ozark Medieval Fortress
Ozark Mountain Bike Festival
Pace, Jim
Parke, Frank H. “Bert”
Parker, Helen
Partee, Cal Sr.
Patchell, Jim
Peacock, Pat
Pennington, Arthur David
Petrus, Mitch
Petty, Julius
Phillips, Loyd
Pioneer Day (St. Paul)
Pitts, Galen
Pope County Fair
Portis, Bobby Jr.
Postage Stamps with Arkansas Connections
Prairie County Rice Festival
Preston, Thomas Austin, Jr. (a.k.a. Amarillo Slim)
Prince Hall Masons
Prize Fighting
Promiseland [Rodeo Bull]
Pulaski County Fair
Quigley, Earl
Razorback Stadium
Rebsamen Park
Red Wolves [Football Team]
Reed’s Bridge Battlefield Heritage Park
Reising, Robert W.
Remmel Park
Reservoir Park (Little Rock)
Rhone, Ernest
Rick Evans Grandview Prairie Conservation Education Center
Riverboat Festival
Riverfront Park (Little Rock)
Riverside International Speedway
Robbins, Jack
Roberson, John Henry (a.k.a. Rube Robinson)
Rook, Jerry
Rothhammer, Keena Ruth
Schmidt, Francis A.
Seerey, Pat
Senior Centers
Shaw, Clifford
Shelley, Elbert
Sherman, Eugene “Bo”
Sikes, R. H.
Sikes, Robert Lee (Bob)
Simmons Bank Arena (a.k.a Verizon Arena, Alltel Arena)
Smarty Jones Stakes
Smith, Billy Ray Sr.
Smith, Rod
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Sosebee, Cody
Southeast Arkansas District Fair and Livestock Show
Southwest Arkansas District Livestock Show
Star Amusements
State Parks
Steamboat Days Festival
Stricklen, Shekinna
Stuart, Marlin
Suggs, Scott
T. R. Pugh Memorial Park
Talimena National Scenic Byway
Taylor, Hugh “Bones”
Tinsley, Michael
Toler, Quinnie Hamm
Tour de Rock
Trans-Ozark Trail
Traylor, Keith
Turkey Track Fall Bluegrass Festival
Turtle Derby Festival
Two Rivers Park
Van Berg, Jack
Van Wyck, Bronson
Vedanta Society of Arkansas
Vines, Harry Doyle
Vining, Bill
Wallace, Terry
Ward, Jack
Washington County Fair
Watkins, Willis
Watson State Park
Webb, Tina
Western Hills Park
White City [Amusement Park]
White River Water Carnival
White, Delores Brumfield
Widner, John
Wilcox, Kenny
Williams, Doyne
Williams, K. D.
Williams, Kevin
Williams, Nancy
Willow Springs Water Park
Wilmans, C. F.
Wings Over the Prairie Festival
Winston, Dennis “Dirt”
Woit, Richard “Dick”
Women’s City Club
Women’s Sports
Wood, Travis
World Championship Cardboard Boat Races
World Championship Duck Gumbo Cook-Off
World Cheese Dip Championship
Wye Mountain Daffodil Festival
Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA)
Young Men’s Hebrew Association (YMHA)
YWCA National Convention of 1922