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Forrest City Times

Among the early businesses in Forrest City (St. Francis County) was the Forrest City Times (1871–1919), established by Thomas Fleming Oury Sr. the year the town was incorporated. Oury sold the weekly newspaper to Thomas J. Hicks in 1885 and left Forrest City to work in Little Rock (Pulaski County). In 1886, T. J. Hicks sold it to Edward Lincoln Vadakin. Vadakin’s father-in-law, Colonel Edwin Landvoigt, soon joined Vadakin as a co-proprietor/publisher and senior editor. During their tenure, the Times absorbed a competing newspaper, the Forrest City Democrat (1877–1887) and, in 1891, switched the day of publication from Saturday to Friday. A few years after Vadakin’s death in 1915, the newspaper consolidated with the Forrest City Herald (1917–1919) and became …

Little River News

The Little River News began as a weekly newspaper in Richmond (Little River County) in 1888. It ceased publication in 2019. Founded by W. F. Joyner, with support from the Democrats of the county, in 1888, the paper directly opposed another local paper, The Pilot, which was sympathetic to the Populist Party. Little River County historian Bill Beasley stated that the Little River News “played a great part in defeating the Populist Party in Little River County.” R. P. West purchased the paper and moved it from Richmond to Ashdown (Little River County) in 1892, where the name changed to the Ashdown Herald. In 1897, brothers Othello Thomas (O.T.) Graves and Fred M. Graves purchased the Herald and changed the name …

Malvern Daily Record

In 1916, Julian Heard Beerstecher and his wife, Kate Brice Beerstecher, moved to Malvern (Hot Spring County) and founded the Malvern Daily Record. It began as a four-page paper and eventually grew to an average of seven pages. The Beerstechers published the paper every day except Sundays. The Record was politically Democratic and focused on local community news, but it also reported some national and international events. Before moving to Malvern, Julian Beerstecher worked at the Arkansas Gazette and then as printing clerk in the state auditor’s office. Beerstecher was an active Democrat and prominent in Malvern civic life. While publishing the Record, he also worked as the Malvern city clerk and later served as president of the Arkansas Press …